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Termites Swarm and Termites Hide

Termites are very detrimental to residential homes and businesses in Central PA, especially in the real estate industry. They cause billions of dollars of damage every year. If you think you just see one termite, there will certainly be many more, munching on the structure of your home or office. We are available to conduct a termite inspection, especially if you’re buying or selling your home or are in the real estate business.

Termites Swarm and Termites Hide

You should know that ANY structure can become infested with termites, even homes with poured concrete walls. Because termites can live anywhere, you’ll want to be prepared with a Termite exterminator ready, in case you see Termite Swarmers or Tubes. Just in the U.S alone, Termites cause billions of dollars of damage each year. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, you should still have it inspected annually.

Do You Think You Have Termites?

Do You Think You Have Termites?

Termites typically swarm from mid-March to mid-May in Pennsylvania, although that just means you can see them then. Termites can actually be in a structure for as long as 7 years until the colony is strong enough to swarm. All the while, chewing on your foundation, beams, walls and more. A Termite Shelter Tube is the easiest way to look for the location of the pests; it is a tube made of mud that is constructed onto the wood by worker termites.

Things to know about Termites

  • Swarmer Termites are the males. They mate after swarming, preparing to start NEW colonies.
  • Termite swarms are only an indicator that you have a colony in or near your home.
  • The worker termites are the ones who cause the damage.
  • Termites can be found anywhere but prefer sandstone or limestone soils.
  • Termites need high-moisture content in the soil.
  • Termite infestations are often found in basements near an exterior dripping hose bib, leaking downspouts or anywhere water might be leaking through the foundation.
  • A dry interior environment is most helpful when it comes to avoiding termites.
  • Termites do not bite or sting, they only chew on wood, and lots of it!