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Pest Control for Residential and Commercial Service

Our local pest control specialists offer you the very best in pest control. The employees of Gilbert’s Professional Pest Control are fully trained and licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture. This ensures the correct amount and types of materials are used, so it’s safe for your family and your pets.

Before any treatments are administered, Gilbert’s will assess the pest problem, to determine the correct course of action to rid the area of bugs.

Fully aware of the impact certain materials have on the environment, Gilbert’s uses the strongest yet most ecological materials today. For a straight-forward, honest evaluation of your home, business, or real estate; contact your local insect and rodent experts at Gilbert’s Professional Pest Control.

Pest Control

We offer one- time pest control treatments as well as monthly and quarterly pest management services to help you maintain a pest-free home or business. Whether you have General Pests, Seasonal Pests, a single issue like fleas or bed bugs or you just want to keep your business spotless, we can help!