Rodent Control

We’ll exterminate the Mice, Rats and Voles that can cause issues at your home, farm and business.

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Rodents Can Carry Disease and Cause Fires

Carrying diseases, chewing wires, destroying food in your pantry…. Rodents cause many, many problems in Central PA. With our professional rodent control services, we can locate the areas that may be allowing mice or rats into your home, treat for a current rodent infestation and alleviate future worries.

Rodent Control

Oftentimes there is a rodent issue in a home or business that you don’t even know about. We can inspect for mice, voles, and rats to determine if it is something you should be treating for. Maintenance plans, especially in businesses can deter rodents and pests from using your store or office for warmth and free scraps. And since a single rodent can drop up to 70,000 fecal pellets in one year, you’ll want to get ahead of the problem before your walls become a nesting ground for more.