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Bed Bug Control When You Need It

Bed bugs are a huge nuisance in the Central PA area. Bed bugs spread easily but are difficult to get rid of. They can bite and they can be in the cleanest of homes, hotels and restaurants. They can even get into your car or vehicle!

The female bed bug produces 2 to 3 eggs every day throughout their lifespan, which can be several months. The elongated eggs are cemented in cracks or crevices, so think of places like between mattress and box springs, in carpet and even inside of electronics. After months of leaving bed bugs untreated the infestation can get out of hand.

Pest Control

How do we treat for bed bugs?

Using a new and proven biopesticide, we’ve seen incredible success with controlling the bed bug infestation in just one treatment. The method we use is both natural and non-toxic, killing the bed bugs, but not affecting your pets or kids. Treating hotel rooms quarterly will protect them year round.

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Bed bugs are so easily transported from one area to another. Maybe you’re not sure if you have them or not. We’re happy to conduct a thorough bed bug inspection for your home or business. Want to know how pest control professionals keep from bringing bed bugs home? Read our tips on How to Steer Clear From Bed Bugs.