Carpenter Bees

Exterminate these wood-destroying bees before they cause excess damage.

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Carpenter Bees Love Wood

Carpenter Bees create their nests in wood structures like decks, fences, posts and columns. If you find a small pile of sawdust, you may have a carpenter bee! They ruin the wood by boring a small hole that they create by chewing into the wood where the females will lay their eggs.

Carpenter Bees Love Wood

Carpenter Bees rarely sting. They pose a threat to homes, business and real estate because when they bore holes into the wood, the affect the integrity of the structures.

How We Treat For Carpenter Bees

Each treatment is on a case by case basis because they can all be very different. For instance, for log cabins we treat the entire exterior structure to prevent damage from the bees. They only go after exposed wood with a certain thickness. These areas need to be treated and it’s typically on the sunny side of the house. If any part of the home remains in the shade they will not damage the wood in those areas. For other areas or structures, we would spot treat accordingly.