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Keep Pests Away With These Expert Tips, All Year Long!

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Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall All Require Some Maintenance to Prevent Pests



  1. Have your home inspected for Termites. Termites swarm usually from mid-March to mid-May. You may think they are just winged ants when they are truly reproductive Termites. A professional pest control company like Gilbert’s Pest Control can determine the pest and introduce a Termite control and treatment plan.
  2. Spring is a good time to Power Wash your home. This will remove spiders and various egg masses, which will later hatch and cause problems as the warmth weather grows.


  1. Keep a neat landscape! Remove weeds and brush. Make sure your lawn is mowed as required. High grass, weeds, etc. are hiding places for all kinds of insects, rodents and pests. A well- kept lawn is one of the best steps you can take to prevent unwanted pests in your home.
  2. Consider not using Tanbark. We suggest an alternative such as landscaping rocks, pavers or Mushroom mulch. Tanbark is simply shredded wood; Termites live in and under the soil and feed on wood and Tanbark. Yearly applications of Tanbark could result in costly Termite problems, so be warned!
  3. Make sure you have tight fitting screens to keep out unwanted guests such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and moths.


  1. As fall approaches, make sure to do a final mow of your yard and mulch all fallen leaves. Remove all weeds and dead flowers and make your landscape ready for winter.
  2. If you have a garden, till under all veggies such as tomato plants. This unwanted food makes great snacks for mice and rats, even in the dead of winter!
  3. Mouse-proof your home. Did you know that a mouse can go through an opening the size of a dime? Any open holes in foundation walls, garage doors or rooflines should be tightly sealed. Foam insulation in a can works very well.
  4. If bringing in firewood, be careful not to bring along unwanted pests such as Carpenter Ants, Wood Borers, Powder Post Beetles or Spiders. Many insects do not die in late fall or winter they just go into hibernation. When taking them from a cold environment, such as your wood pile, into your warm house, these bugs come to life and create a headache at a time that should be somewhat bug free.


  1. Be cautious with the location of your bird feeders. While feeding the birds you may also be feeding the rats and mice. Make sure feeders are at least 35′ away from the house.
  2. A great time to vacuum your attic is during the winter months. Wasps, bees, lady bugs and flies may appear dead from the past summer, however, many are in a state of hibernation. By vacuuming your attic you will remove many unwanted pests prior to spring warm up.
  3. Inspect your frozen rain spouts or other areas of the home that may be leaking. Even a small amount of moisture will set the stage for spring Carpenter Ants and other unwanted pests.