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Carpenter Ants Make Their Nests in Wood

If you find small sawdust piles and holes in the wood structure of your home and it’s not bees or termites, it might be carpenter ants. They do their damage when nesting and like all other wood-destroying insects, can weaken the integrity of your wooden structures.

Humid weather can draw out carpenter ants that are on the hunt for aphids and sugary substances. In Pennsylvania, humidity is abundant, which can cause carpenter ants to be plentiful as well. The local extermination pros at Gilbert’s can identify and get rid of your carpenter ant problem quickly.

Carpenter Ants

Things to Know About Carpenter Ants

  • Carpenter ants can vary in size and shape which can sometimes make identification difficult.
  • You’ll likely find “frass” or the chewed-up wood around a hole in a wood structure. This is because the ants don’t eat the wood but chew through it to make their nests.
  • You can often hear a faint rustling from the ants inside your walls as they chew through and scratch their way around.
  • You often only see about 5% of the ants that are actually working in or around your home.

How We Treat For Carpenter Ants

In order to treat Carpenter Ants, our pros do an exterior soil treatment around the foundation of the home. As the carpenter works back and forth from the exterior colony to an interior satellite colony the product has a transfer effect that takes care of the entire colony. The process take a full three weeks to completely work. We only treat the interior in severe cases.