Powderpost Beetles

Wood Boring Beetles That Hide in Stored and Cured Wood

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Let Us Determine If You Have Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles breed in the dead branches of trees, which causes them to be stay hidden until they are found in stored lumber, rafters, joists, finished wood and even wooden furniture, particularly antiques.

Because powderpost beetles are often difficult to identify, it is best to bring in a professional to determine if treatment, and to what extent, is needed to rid your home of wood destroying powderpost beetles.

Powder Post Beetles

Ways to Avoid a Powderpost Beetle Infestation

  1. Look for kiln-dried lumber instead of rough cut.
  2. Sanded and varnished wood that is not already infested, will most like stay protected.
  3. Remember that barns and sheds are often filled with powderpost beetles so avoid storing important items in there.
  4. If you’re an antique collector, you’ll want to ensure the furniture has been fumigated for pests or contact a pest control company like Gilbert’s Pest Control to ensure you won’t bring an infestation into your home.

Note: Only pest control operators licensed to do fumigations for powderpost beetles are permitted to purchase and use these materials. Fumigation will take cure of current beetles but will not protect for the future.