In the last 2 weeks of February and first week of March 2022 we have had more calls for Boxelder bugs than we did all of 2021. Boxelders are a native species to North America and are considered a nuisance pest. However, they can stain siding and curtains if they are not removed or treated. Boxelder bugs feed and survive off of ash, maple, and boxelder trees. If you notice them in your home on a warm winter day, it is because they have made your home their home for the winter. They look for warm areas around your home to survive the winter months. They will over-winter under siding, any crack or crevice near your home, and around electric panels. When exterior temperatures warm up, they will become active. Once they are inside your home the only treatment is physical removal. The best way to treat is to have your home treated on the exterior in the spring if they are a nuisance but more importantly to treat the exterior of your home in the fall to keep them from over-wintering in and around your home.

This brings to light something very important for homeowners. Quarterly pest maintenance, even if you aren’t seeing pests currently, helps to prevent insects the following season. If your siding is covered in Boxelder bugs now, we can still help. But we’ll also recommend getting on a schedule so we can prevent them, starting in the fall season.