Is it termites? Well, termite swarming season is upon us, so it very well could be.

This is the time of year the moisture in the ground and the warming of the weather creates a perfect environment for termites to emerge. Swarming season has slowly started in south central PA and will pick up in the coming weeks as the sun shines and the ground thaws.

Termite swarms are one of the most misdiagnosed insects by homeowners. Many homeowners believe they have flies, ants with wings, or various other flying insects. They will take a can of “raid” or whatever home remedy they have and spray the swarming insects and believe they have solved the problem. However, these swarms are just an indicator that the worker termites are in the soil close to your home or possibly already in the structure.

The worker termites cause damage to your home and do not emerge into sunlight. This is why termites go undetected until there is damage to a structure, including walls, supports, beams, etc. If you see small flying insects emerge in your home or around doors and windows this spring, call a professional. The DIY termite control won’t do the trick. Get a picture of the insects you see or save a sample and we can quickly make an accurate diagnosis of your possible termite issue.

The professionals at Gilbert’s Pest Control are Accredited Wood Destroying Insect Inspectors for WDI real estate inspections and have pet and family friendly treatments with maintenance plans available.